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Frequently asked questions

What is Mandarin 3D? Mandarin 3D is a local 3D printing and design service based in Jacksonville that helps bring your ideas to life through 3D printing.
How does Mandarin 3D's printing service work? You can submit your 3D design file, and Mandarin 3D will print it for you. If you don't have a design file, Mandarin 3D's team can design it for you at an additional cost.
What types of prints does Mandarin 3D offer? Mandarin 3D offers simple prints, special prints (where they design the object for you), and bulk prints (for multiple items or more than 5 of the same items).
What file format should I use for 3D printing? You should submit your 3D design in ".STL" format.
Where can I find 3D files if I don't have a custom print? Mandarin 3D suggests checking for a variety of 3D printing files.